OrgHunter's Mission Statement:
Helping charities of all shapes and sizes tell their story to the world! We believe every charity deserves the opportunity to be discovered regardless of size or financial status.

About Us:

The world of charitable giving is incredibly complex for people who want to either establish some long-term support for a nonprofit organization or simply make one donation. OrgHunter unravels that complexity for you.

With OrgHunter, choosing a charity has never been simpler. OrgHunter is dedicated to finding innovative ways to help donors discover, volunteer, donate and engage in charity like never before.

Our goal is to set the standard for providing donors the ability to search for appropriate charities using innovative techniques such as Charity Attributes. Don Weeks, chairman of the board of OrgHunter, and Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Annase both have extensive experience and success in both the corporate and nonprofits realms. In addition to Charity Attributes, OrgHunter maintains geolocation information on 2.1 million charities in the United States, so you can support a nonprofit in a particular area of the world or in your own neighborhood.

Traditional charity search engines provide donors with a single search bar that requires the user to provide such information as a charity name or employer identification number. Charity Attributes goes far beyond that by providing potential donors with a comprehensive list of attributes to help identify charities that fit a donor’s goals or philosophy.

After you select the attributes you seek in a charity, they are evaluated against thousands of charities throughout the United States. A list of charities is then presented to you, the donor, ranked by their relevance and score. Charity Attributes is a free service open to the more than 2.1 million charities within the United States. Charities can complete their Charity Attributes profile by claiming their charity on OrgHunter.com. Charity Attributes appear throughout OrgHunter's website and are displayed as tags or badges providing donors a bird's-eye view of each charity's overall attributes.

The Charity Attributes program is available to all developers through an API interface allowing innovative entrepreneurs to incorporate this unique charity lookup within their website or mobile application. We expect tremendous adoption of this program by corporate giving platforms, providing corporate donors with a unique method to quickly identify charities that are in line with their interests.

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