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The OrgHunter Charity API provides developers access to over 2.5M charities. Our Charity API goes well beyond the IRS pub78 data source and enables your organization to perform accurate real-time charity vetting. Over 1,000 websites and mobile applications depend on our Charity API daily, making us the largest charity data provider on the market today. Through a strategic partnership with Make My Donation, it is now possible to deliver grants to over 1.9 million charitable organizations in the United States. In conjunction with the OrgHunter charity API, your team will need to establish a Stripe Connected Platform account to facilitate transactions between the donors and your technology.

Getting Started - Grant Processing

Contact with any support questions

Quick Start Checklist

  • Register for a Stripe Connected Platform Account
  • Review Meta Data Requirements
  • Complete the end user agreement
  • Obtain your OrgHunter PartnerID
  • OnBoard Make My Donation to your Stripe Connected Platform Account
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